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Made to Order Kitchen Units From DIY Kitchens 4 U

Quality Rigid Kitchen Units

At DIY Kitchens 4 U we pride ourselves in manufacturing quality, made to order, Rigid Built Kitchen Cabinets that will last!

We only use hand picked quality materials and parts to ensure we have a product that will stand out from the crowd and ensure that our customers are not only delighted with their Kitchen Units but also get excellent value for money!

We have also invested in the latest machinery and technology to allow us to supply high quality, made to order, Rigid Built Kitchen Cabinets at affordable prices.

All our staff are fully trained with years of experience between them which also adds to the quality and service that we offer.

We have been supplying made to order kitchens for over 20 years to the general public, over this time we have learned what makes lasting quality kitchens and have evolved our furniture, manufacturing process and used the latest innovations to ensure our kitchen furniture is more than capable of meeting today's demanding needs!

What is a Complete Kitchen Unit?

A complete kitchen unit is basically the cabinet, hinges and drawers (where applicable) and the matching doors or drawer fronts that are required for that cabinet.

The type of door and or drawer fronts will depend on the kitchen style you have selected with in our kitchens category.

We also specify what doors and or drawer fronts are included in the main description on the product page.

Why Choose DIY Kitchens 4 U?

21 Kitchen Cabinet Colour Options Having more choices allows you to create your own kitchen!

Go for the matching cabinet colour or stand out and have a contrasting cabinet colour!
Rigid Built Cabinets Why have a cheap flat pack kitchen and pay your fitter to build it when you can have a better quality rigid built kitchen and pay only a fraction more!

With rigid built kitchen cabinets they are ready to be put in to place and fitted straight away, this saves on your fitting expense and also allows your kitchen to be fitted quicker.

It also means no missing parts and no damage can be caused while the furniture is being built on site!
3 Different Cabinet Heights Our wall, dresser and tall units come in 3 different heights so that you can get the most from your kitchen.

With our 575mm, 720mm and 900mm high wall units, complementing dresser units and tall units you can get the most out of any room no matter how high the ceiling is.
Over 150 Kitchen Styles and Combinations Modern, Traditional, High Gloss, Inframe, Painted to mention a few, if you want to be different or not we will have a kitchen that is just for you!
Over 1100 Standard Cabinet Types and Combinations Our extensive product range allows you to be more accurate and gives you more options when you are designing your dream kitchen.

Most suppliers have a limited product range which results in you having to design around their furniture options, not your imagination!

With our bespoke made to measure kitchen cabinets you can let your imaginations run wild with no limitations or compromises!
Bespoke Painted Doors Found the right door but wished it was in a different colour?

Well with up-to 24 bespoke painted colour options we are positive your wish will come true!
Bespoke Made to Measure Cabinets Do you need a cabinet with an extra shelf or no shelf maybe?

Do you have a soil stack that you need to avoid?

With our bespoke kitchen cabinets that's no problem. Simply tell us what you would like to modify and we will arrange it for you.

If you need to increase the void / recess or you want a cabinet only 450mm deep just add some notes and we will let you know if your changes need to be charged extra for after you have placed your order.
Fitted Drawers and Wirework While we are hand building your kitchen we will fit all the drawers you in our factory.

We do not fit any wireworks and need to be installed on site.
18mm Cabinet Thickness Some suppliers use only 15mm material when manufacturing kitchen units to keep costs down.

We use 18mm as standard to give you a more robust, longer lasting kitchen cabinet.
18mm Solid backs Most kitchen manufactures use a 5mm hardboard or 8mm MFC back with an 18mm top rail in their base units, this makes them prone to the back popping out, base units need to be more robust due to them being used more and for more heavier items.

We use 18mm for our base unit backs, this ensures that your base unit back won't be popping out!
2mm High Density ABS Edging 2mm High Density ABS edging is by far the most superior and robust edging that is currently used today.

Some supplier’s use 0.4 edging tape as standard, some offer an upgrade to 2mm edging tape, some only edge the front in 2mm edging tape.

0.4 edging isn't very strong and will tend to break off or start peeling easily.

As standard we use 2mm high density ABS edging tape on our kitchen cabinets all round, not just the front edge!
Built to Order Kitchens All our kitchens are hand built to order. This allows us to make a kitchen just for you!

Unlike flat packed kitchen cabinets we don't have our cabinets sat on the shelf collecting dust, moved from one shelf to another getting damaged and missing parts etc!

Each cabinet has all the necessary parts fitted and doesn't come with universal holes drilled everywhere!

Once built each cabinet is then inspected for quality.
Soft Close Hinges & Drawers All our kitchens / kitchen cabinets come as standard with soft closing hinges and drawers.

Our soft close hinges are integrated (where available) not the bulky clip on, each hinge comes with soft close where some other suppliers will just provide 1 soft close per door and charge you extra for them.

Having soft close means that your doors and drawers close smoothly and quietly, they also act as an anti slam device.

Should you need too, the soft close can be turned on and off by a switch on each hinge.
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