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Remo Cashmere Kitchen

Remo Cashmere Kitchen

Remo is a lacquered handle-free kitchen available in Cashmere, Cashmere, cashmere, grey, white and matt white.

This kitchen has a distinctly free-standing feel and the mid height island gives all the function you need without being overpowering. The TV unit shows the flexibility of the furniture to extend into other zones of the home.

Material - 22mm Thick, Lacquered High Gloss

U702 - Cashmere Recommended Unit Colour - U702 - Cashmere
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Remo Cashmere Kitchen
Fira Gold Product Specification
Second Nature

Feature Doors

Feature doors available for Remo Cashmere

Remo Cashmere Kitchen Glazed DoorRemo Cashmere Kitchen Glazed Door
Remo Cashmere Kitchen Glazed Door Horizontal LetterboxRemo Cashmere Kitchen Glazed Door Horizontal Letterbox

Cornice/pelmet profile

FIRA Gold Award