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Milbourne Oak Kitchen

Milbourne Oak Kitchen

This Milbourne Oak kitchen combines a straight run of cabinets as well as curved features, including a striking peninsula which is ideal for eating and food preparation. The materials used in this area are extra thick full stave oak and dark Labrador Emerald Pearl granite.

The curved wall and base units soften the design as well as provide plenty of storage and incorporating alabaster for the peninsula introduces a pleasing contrast to the oak.

Material - 22mm Frame, Foil

H3368 - Natural Lancaster Oak Recommended Unit Colour - H3368 - Natural Lancaster Oak
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Milbourne Oak Kitchen
Fira Gold Product Specification
Second Nature

Feature Doors

Feature doors available for Milbourne Oak

Milbourne Oak Kitchen Glazed Door Milbourne Oak Kitchen Glazed Door

Cornice/pelmet profile

FIRA Gold Award